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Legal Advertising

Find answers to the most common questions about Jornal de Barueri's Legal Advertising service.

Here, you will find detailed information on how to use our portal, types of publications, document certification, payment methods, deadlines and much more.

Legal Advertising refers to the publication of official and legal acts, such as balance sheets, meeting minutes, bid notices, among other documents required by law in newspapers and media outlets.

The Jornal de Barueri Legal Publications portal is a service that allows the publication of notices, balance sheets, reports, notices and other communications that public administration bodies and entities and private companies need to publish in accordance with the law.

You can access the Jornal de Barueri legal publications portal at

Any public administration body or entity and any private company that needs to publish information, in accordance with the law, can use the Jornal de Barueri Legal Publications service.

You can publish balance sheets, minutes of meetings, bid notices, notices of meetings, board deliberations, notices, reports, notices and communications, relevant facts, bids among other documents required by law.

Legal advertising is important because it guarantees transparency and access to information, enabling the monitoring and/or inspection of disclosed acts.

Once payment for the service has been confirmed, you will be able to send your documents digitally through our advertiser portal or via the email provided. Make sure documents are in PDF format and follow the required guidelines.

The price for publication on the online portal is fixed, regardless of the size of the document that needs to be published.

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The deadline may vary according to the number of pending requests and the type of publication requested. It is recommended to submit in advance.

All documents published on the portal are digitally certified, ensuring confidence in the online data disclosed by customers.

Yes, all publications are signed with an ICP-Brasil digital certificate, issued by D4Sign and signed by Link Três Comunicação Ltda, responsible for Jornal de Barueri.

It depends on the case. If the request is on the website and has not yet been published, it is possible to request cancellation with 48 hours notice. 

Accepted payment methods include credit card, bank slip and pix.

The publication of false or misleading information may result in administrative, civil and criminal sanctions. Jornal de Barueri reserves the right to refuse publications that contain signs of falsehood or deception.

Yes, Jornal de Barueri reserves the right to refuse to publish information that contains signs of falsehood or deception, or that does not meet the legal advertising terms.

It is not possible to edit or change a publication that has already been made. If you have submitted an incorrect publication, a new document must be published with a correction notice and a link to the correct document. Both will remain published for transparency and legal purposes.

No, it is not possible to request removal after the legal deadline. Information is kept for transparency purposes and to meet legal requirements.

To request a correction publication, contact Jornal de Barueri and provide the correct information. The team will check the possibility of rectification and inform you of the necessary procedures.

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